Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aiming for Athens - week 8

This was a week when I felt less inspired and I struggled a little with myself to get dressed and go running on the evening runs during the week. When I finally got out I found myself enjoying the experience and wondered why I had hesitated before the run. When the weekend arrived I was in a better mood though and really looked forward to the Sunday long run scheduled to be 24.1 kms.

Tuesday: Started out very tired but felt increasingly better and stronger with each covered km. I don't have much to say about this run. I just ran it rather empty headed.

Friday: This run turned out to be tougher than what I had planned. I decided to run a few forest paths in an area where I haven't been for a while and found that the trees were chopped down. The surface was covered with branches and the path was ruined by the heavy machinery that had made deep tracks in the ground. I had to do a lot of jumping around to avoid the obstacles. I knew I was coming to a smaller road later on so I resisted the temptation of turning back and kept jumping. When I eventually entered the road I found that to be under construction and it was covered with quite large rocks that will form the foundation I guess. It was very uneven to run and I had to adjust pace and stride continuously. This was probably a good strength exercise but since I had anticipated a contemplating restful session, experiencing the calmness of the forest I wasn't really prepared for the effort.

Sunday: This run also turned out to be a bit tougher than I had wanted but for the first three quarters of the distance it was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed the summers day tremendously. The weather was perfect, maybe a bit warm for running but perfect for being summer. I saw so many beautiful flowers and trees and fields, in fact everything was beautiful. Even the snakes, an adder and a grass snake, that I saw had a bit of charm connected to them. But I have to say that the buzzard sailing above me when running next to swaying fields with the scent of clover flowers was probably the most charming. I felt like I was flying too.
  For the last couple of kms I experienced some pain in my knees and had to gradually slow down and increase walkbreaks but now a few days later the pain seems to be gone.

What started out as an uninspired week turned out to be quite good and when looking back I think it's wise to learn from the setbacks but it is the good things that are worth remembering. Total distance for the week ended up at an impressive, for me, 40.3km/25miles. One of my best weeks ever distance wise. And following the Galloway marathon training plan will lead me towards new achievements in this department.

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