Sunday, June 21, 2009

Injured :(

Apparently I hadn't trained enough to do a half marathon. I did complete the race but at the last part of the race my knees started to hurt. It seems that I injured my left knee during the race and I have had problems running since then. My right knee is ok again and hopfully the left one will heal soon. On todays run I managed to run for about 4 - 4½ kms before I felt the pain. I guess that's good because earlier the pain started much earlier.

Any ideas how to heal faster, anyone? I've tried most things, such as massage, ice and heat, liniment, stretching, rest and prayers. What else is there? I guess healing takes time and patience, but it is not fun at all. I have been running three times a week almost every week since December, struggling through snow and cold without a single problem. And now, when the weather is warm and nice and I really would enjoy running - I cannot.

I guess I should make myself a recoveryplan. What if I do my old leg strengthening program and stretches daily. - That have helped before. I should probably shorten my runs too, to a distance that I can run without pain, That would be 3½ - 4 kms based on my experience today. OK that's what I'm going to do, and now that I've written it down here, I can't cheat, can I. I guess I could log it all on Buckeye Outdoors too, that might make me even more disciplined. Yes my decision is made - recovery plan starts tomorrow, and I'll be back running as usual in notime. (I hope)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

RtNP#13 My First Half

In this episode .. can hear me talking about the Gothenburg Half Marathon. Telling you some of the things I experienced during the race.

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