Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back home

I returned home safely earlier this evening after a fantastic holiday in Oxford, UK.

Thanks to everyone that made it a special and memorable event.

Thanks also for sharing your photos, my photos from the race didn't turn out too good, I'm afraid. Probably because my glasses were all wet and fogged up because of the rain, so I didn't really see what I took pictures of. I more or less just pointed the camera in one direction and pushed the button, not the best way of doing it.

I had the recorder going for the whole race and I listened through the audio last night in my guesthouse and once again on the bus this morning. That left me with two main thoughts:
  • 1. I had such a great time running with you all. It was really fun. and
  • 2. How...! am I going to edit this into something that will be interresting to listen to.
I ended up with 2½ hours of audio and the quality is both good and not so good. Soundlevels are all over the scale, some of the conversations are a bit hard to follow and there is also a lot of noise. - Useless? - I hope not. I have a few ideas.

All of it has great value for me to listen to, because I was there and this is what I experienced but for a regular podcast listener it is probably not so interresting.
Anyway I'm determined to give it a try, we'll see if I can succeed. It would be fun to be able to share our run from my perspective with you all.

Hopefully the next edition of the Running the Narrow Path podcast will contain audio from the Dream Inspires Run.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

RtNP#16 Busy Times

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day, or maybe it's the way we plan our days that is wrong. Anyway I managed to record on a run and this is what came out of that. Hope you'll enjoy it.

In this episode ..

..you can hear me whine about a hectic week as I go running in the forest for what might be the last time for the season.

The Music ..

.. is from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network, at http://www.music.podshow.com/
In this episode you can hear:

  • Ty Hall and the EZ3 - Pirates Gold
  • Charlie Crowe - 007 (bkgr)
  • Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way (intro, outro)

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