Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RtNP#10 Timeless Podcasts

Kungsfågel - the bird I've been mentioning in some recent episodes.

For this episode I have tried new ways of podcasting. I think it is a bit like running, you have to try new challenges to see where your limits are. Now I'm wondering if I'm not getting pretty close to the edge of what I can do. Or maybe (just like running) the more you train the better you become.
I have had a lot of fun producing this episode, and I even got my family involved. The fact is that all of my family is participating in one way or another.

A few photos from my run can be viewed here. Unfortunately there wasn't enough light for my camera that day.

In this episode ..

.. you can hear me talk about some of the not running related podcasts I listen to. I am also talking about the future of our runningpodcasts, and to find out about that I'm visiting myself in another time.

Links ..

The Music ..

.. is from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network, at www.music.podshow.com/
In this episode you can hear:

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