Friday, April 30, 2010

Along the canal

Lägg till bildEarlier today I drove my daughter to her cello lesson in town, and instead of waiting in the car while she played I went for a run along the canal and the locks in Trollhättan.

I haven't been running for a while because I haven't been feeling too good after a dentist appointment recently. I had a wisdom tooth taken out and I wish the healing process had been a bit quicker. Anyway, today I gave running a try and I did fine I guess but I have my doubts about setting a new 10k pr on an upcoming race this Tuesday. Legs felt awkward today and my heartrate was a bit higher than usual. Well I'll give it a try on Tuesday and we'll see what happens.

My run today was on tracks and roads where I've never run before and I wonder why because the area is really great and I hope you can see that on the photos.

I had no idea if I would make it back in time for when my daughters lesson ended and got a bit nervous at the last few kms. I thought the time went a bit too fast and I was running on the wrong side of the canal so a shortcut was out of the question. The only thing I could do was to speed up towards the bridge and then turn around and go back a bit on the right side. I arrived a few minutes after the lesson was supposed to end but as it turned out my daughter stayed for another 10 minutes in the music room to listen to the students that played after her so I was the one that had to hang around and wait for a little while. But that was ok and I had the chance to cool down and get my breathing back to normal before we drove back home again. All in all I had a great run and I think the time was well spent. Much better than just sitting in the car waiting during her lesson.


Matt said...

nice run Krister! The photos are great. What are all the yellow and white boxes on either side of the canal? Are they for navigation/visibility?

Krister said...

Had to consult my brother in law, who is a sailor, on this since I don't know much about boats.
Ok, so the white and yellow markings are put there to mark the waterway. Yellow on the right hand side going up the canal and on the left hand side going down. They are also numbered and those numbers are shown on the sailing map to make it easy to know where you are. Boats are supposed to sail between the markings to avoid currents and shallow water. I guess they are really useful where the canal/river is a bit wider and also turns and where you might be tempted to make a shortcut.

Matthew said...

very cool, thanks!