Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm still here


Just a short blogpost to let you know that I'm still here.
Due to a too busy schedule during the summer, I have not been able to blog or podcast for a while. Even my running have suffered and I don't understand how I shall get myself ready for the ½ marathon I signed up for at the festival of races. I might have to do the 10k instead.

Hopefully the daily routines will get back to normal again after the holidays but for the near future it seems to be a bit too much on the workfront, with working quite a few late evenings for at least the next couple of weeks to come.

That's bad for getting time for running, I'll see if I can get a few lunchtime runs in. I've tried that before and I think I can fit in a 5k run on my lunchbreak every now and then. It just takes a bit of planning the day before to pack my running shoes and things.

Anyway, I hope that your training is going better than mine and I hope to be talking to you soon through my podcast, I really miss that.

talk to you later



Drusy said...

Hey Krister! I know how hard it is to keep to a running schedule when work is busy or on holiday with family. Good luck! I hope I'll be ready for the WWH, but it is nice to know I can run just a 10k if that's what I'm ready for.

Best Regards, Toni

Anonymous said...

I await your quarterly podcast.

No pressure, brother.

Dave in Greenville, SC, USA