Sunday, June 29, 2008

RtNP#06 Home alone

I was out on a slow easy 7 km run the other day, that turned out to be not so slow after all. I ran about the same speed as I usually do. Anyway I brought my recorder, unfortunately it was quite a windy day so, sorry about the windnoise.

In this episode .. can hear me talk about the weekly goals I have set for myself. I'm also talking about important things in life and whining about beeing apart from my family.

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Gordon Scott said...

Hello Krister, greetings from Scotland. A friend in England recommended your podcast to me and I am very glad she did. It's really good and I'm looking forward to working through the rest of the episodes. Your English is excellent, by the way! Gordon

Anonymous said...

Hello Krister, I am posting from Newfoundland in Canada. Your thoughts in the last podcast regarding family are so true. I really like your podcast. I find that the uninterrupted time during my runs is when I think about my life or listen to what others like you think. I usually get some insights from the podcasts or my one thoughts.
Keep Going!!!