Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oaktree-yellowhouse 10k loop

I brought my camera when running one of my favourite loops some days ago. I thought the track was around 10 kms and when measuring it with the "map my run" tool I found it to be 10.5 km, so my guess about the distance was quite good.

As you can see from the photos the track contains many different surfaces. I'm not so fond of the tarmac part but I need to run that part too, to get back home again. Maybe I should run the loop in the opposite direction and do the nice forest paths for the last part of my run, because that is what I really enjoy.

The track is very flat, so no hilltrainig when running this loop. I have found a few other 10k loops on the map, that contains a few hills but I have not tried them yet. I guess I have to do that in order to get fit for a race that I might sign up for and that I know is quite steep uphill in some parts. Maybe I'll bring my camera when I try theese new loops in a future run and I can show you what they looks like.

My training has been quite good for the last couple of weeks but could be better. I'm struggling to get the time for running. It seems that the calendar fills up with more things to do than I really want. Hopefully it will get better in a couple of weeks.


See photos from my Oaktree-yellow house loop here.


Nigel, Staffordshire said...

Great pictures !


Anonymous said...

wow you are truly blessed to be running there. I am the nicest possible way of course :)