Thursday, April 17, 2008

My goals

When I started this blog I posted a few goals in the right column next to my training log. Now let's see what have happened:
  • To speed up a bit and run faster - I think I'm a little faster now but I haven't really been working on my speed yet, I have mostly tried to increase my distance.

  • To be able to run 10k when spring comes - I have been running 10k in a slow pace and if nothing dramatic happens, I will run a 10k race on May the 6th

  • To run a couple of Orienteering competitions during the spring - I will probably not be able to do this, but my youngest daughter is interested in orienteering so I will go with her on training once a week.

  • To run the race "kraftprovet" in July (Swe) - I dont know yet but if the 10k race goes well and if I can continue my training the way I hope, It might happen.

  • To... ... we'll see - I haven't really figured out what I meant by this so I guess we still have to see what I can accomplish

Maybe it's time to put up a few new goals here, I would like to try the phedippidations world wide half but I don't know if that's a realistic goal. But I didn't really think that 10k in the spring was realistic when I wrote that so I'm certainly going to aim for it.
I guess that speedtraining and runing up a few hills has to be a goal for me to make me a faster and stronger runner.
And I will have to keep the "..we'll see" goal to see if I can figure out what that means.

My kids thought it might be interesting for you to see what I look like so they made some portraits that I could post on the blog. I have to say that both of them are very good and this is what I look like, I guess that I have to post a photo later on so you can see what great painters my kids are.


Jodi said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Krister said...

Oh.. thank you Jodi, I'm really flattered.


Anonymous said...

oh they are good artists as your photo is now in the blog and it does look like you!

clever kids :)