Monday, December 5, 2016

RtNP#70 On a Dirt Road in Vermont

This recording was done a year ago during my US running adventure journey tour, thing. I realize that I should have made it into a podcast episode long ago but as we sometimes do on facebook, share memories from a year ago, let me share this with you now, almost exactly a year later. The recording was done when visiting my dear friend Doug in Vermont and he generously shared his running roads with me. It is an honor to be aloud to share another runner's paths and I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to share quite a few now. All of them beautiful and special. And running with a good friend is, in my opinion, always special.
Listening to this while editing the audio brought back so many great memories from my trip.

For new followers I should probably explain that last year I went on a three week journey in the US and met up with friends in various places. Some friends I knew from earlier visits but many I had learnt to know through this podcast and other internet sites. The fact that we had never met before didn't matter at all. It sure is possible to make good friends on the web.

I never got to produce a proper episode about the journey - sorry - but talked a little about it in RtNP#65 and I kept a travellog on facebook during the trip. Should anyone be interrested the audio could easily be reached but the facebook posts might be more difficult and would probably involve a lot of scrolling.

I don't know if listening to this requires any more explanation. The previous week I had run a half marathon in Minneapolis, two days earlier Doug and I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k and the week after this recording was done I ran the Jeff Galloway 13,1. And in between I had time to do a few other runs with friends and also the opportunity to see and experience a lot. A fantastic journey and great memories.

Now Doug and I invite you to run with us. Let's go.


Intro music: Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way

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