Saturday, August 11, 2012

RtNP#43 Horseflies

Here is another episode of unstructured nonsense, spoken in a slightly unfocused manner. - A rather ordinary episode.
The weather was nice during my run though, but that is perhaps a little difficult to share in audio.

Some subjects that I tried to share is:
 a memory from the past that I might have told you in earlier episodes but is brought to my mind every time I run this special trail.
 an on going invasion of slimy creatures.
 and I'll let you in on an idea which slowly is taking shape in my head.

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1 comment:

ruud van der weele said...

I listened today during my 16km run to your podcast about horseflies.
BTW, during you made the record I was in Sweden, because I remember well that I watched the Marathon for ladies, which, as soon as it become interesting, stopped for continuing with sailing. I was pretty upset and decided not to watch again tv for a long time.
Any way, horseflies. I was never followed by horseflies during my runs, but I collected them fairly often. Two years ago I gave my horsefly collection to a friend, who collected them worldwide.
What I wanted to say is that you cannot compare really the larval stages between mosquitos and horseflies. The horsefly stay in its larval stage much, much longer, at least a year. The cycle for mosquitos is much shorter. Furthermore indeed mosquito larvae live in water, while horsefly, though some species in water, often een moist environment is sufficient, so the terrible Haematopota flies, the long greyish ones with banded eyes, may develop in marshes. The more beautiful ones, Chrysops, really develop in water. In general, the very big horseflies, with or without banded eyes, do not like to bite Homo sapiens.
I enjoy your podcasts during my run. Looking forward to you new ones!