Sunday, September 13, 2009

Interresting run in the forrest.

I had a great time in the forrest today. The weather was beautiful, a bit windy but that didn't bother me. I started out on my favourite loop, the one that I call the Oaktree - Yellow house loop. As it turned out I ended up running only parts of the planned tracks but that only made my run more interresting.

Usually I'm all alone in the forest but today I met a lady on the path in the middle of the forrest. I said: "Hi" and she replyed: "I'm lost. Can you help me?" She was out looking for mushrooms and got lost. I gave her directions for how to find her way back to roads that were familiar to her. From what I understood she was far away from where she thought but knew the location I pointed out to her and should find her way back to her car from there. I asked her if she had found any mushrooms and she had found some but for the last hour or so, when she found herself lost in the woods she had lost interrest in the mushrooms and stopped looking for them.
I hope she made it to her car allright. I'm sure she did. From the point where we met and out to the road it was less than two kms and a path or small road to follow all the way. Fairly easy if you don't panic or something.

After a while I came to a place where there is another path going in to the forrest, a path that I always thought looked so nice and often wondered where it leads to. Today I decided to find out.
It turned out to be a wonderful detour to my usual loop. I took me back to the track after a while. Going this "new" path is about the same distance, I think, but keeps me off roads and on nice soft paths instead so this might be my new regular Oaktree - Yellow house track.

On one of the new paths I met a runner (I don't think I've ever met one in the forrest before) He was followed by a girl (his daughter?) riding a horse. So I stopped for a little bit not to scare the horse. It was a nice break to the usual lonliness. And also fun to realise that other runners/riders also like the nice paths around here.

At one point I had to turn back because the path I was following kind of faded out into nothing. I went back and made another turn and found myself back on the road i usually run.

I didn't manage to run the full loop today because I found that I had been out a bit too long and we were expecting guests so I made a shortcut and ran the main road back home. My run today turned out to be 8.5km and even if I had hoped to go a bit longer I was really happy with what I accomplished.

I had such a great time today, exploring new paths and I found it quite interresting to meet theese people. It seems that I'm not the only one to keep the paths open.


Drusy said...

Krister, thanks for the supportive comment about my inept driving! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the WWFOR in Oxford. I'm running the 10k with Nigel. Are you running 5K, 10k or the half with the big boys?

Anonymous said...

I often wonder about women running alone on trails....I would love to have the chance to run like that one day but would need to find a running partner or run with my husband, although I used to run in some secluded area's in Spain and it felt safe enough