Saturday, March 22, 2008

RtNP#03- To path's end, and beyond

I love to run on a soft path in the forest. Where I have to jump over stones and treeroots, turn left and right to avoid branches hitting my face and listen to birds sing and the wind in the treetops. But all winter I have been stuck, running back and forth, on a bicyclepath. This episode is from my first real forest run this season. - I guess I got carried away, and like a calf when let out for the first time after the winter, I ran too fast and jumped too high for my own good. So in my attempt to explore my neighbourhood and hopefully find new tracks to run, I lost my way - twice. -

In this episode .. can hear me get lost. Join me as I go running off road.


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Anonymous said...


Another great and entetaining podcast! I listened while running long today and really enjoyed the "adventure running" through the woods and ob=ver the streams! You really need to take a camera along on one of those so you can share what sounds like a really beautiful and unique running area.

Thanks for sharring!

Jim J

Jodi said...

your podcast is going great Krister! Keep up the good work.