Tuesday, February 5, 2008

RtNP#1 The very first episode

I recorded myself on my run last Sunday, to get an audiofile to experiment with. Now, if everything works ok, You can download and listen to the very first episode of the Running the Narrow Path Podcast. This first episode isn't really anything to be proud of but, I thought that the best way to learn is maybe to try to do it

If I succeed with this, I will put some more effort into the future shows and hopefully you will find them worth listening to. Just give me a couple of episodes to learn how it is done.

I will appreciate comments on how to improve my show. Please use the commentline on this blogsite or send me an e-mail.

Contact me by e-mail (adress in link to the right) or post a comment below.
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Listen to this episode here.  (right click [save-as..] for download).

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