I am a back of the pack podcaster and runner in my fifties, running the roads and paths in my neighbourhood here in the west of Sweden. I prefer running in the forest where the paths are narrow and the nature comes close, and where I can find the peace and tranquility that sometimes is rare in our busy lives. I run for pleasure and don't care too much about speed or distance. 

I have been podcasting since 2008 and in my podcast/audioblog I try to share what I experience when running in the forest aswell as what's going on in my life. English is not my first language so I sometimes struggle with finding the words I need and I guess it sometimes comes out a bit backwards. I hope I make myself understood.
 You will not find much of training related tips or expertise in my podcast, for that my knowledge and experience is much too limited. But if you want to join me for a tour on my tracks and chat for a while, I'll be very pleased to run with you.